South Sudanese Women are augured to set a common agenda

By Sworo Charles Elisha

The National Coordinator for South Sudan Youth Coalition Organization Christine Kide is calling on women to set an agenda for women representation at all levels of government.

Speaking on the Sunrise Program on Sama FM Friday 5th March 2021, Kide urged women to unite and set a common agenda to fight for women’s rights.

“Right now women don’t have a common women agenda. If all women in the political parties decided to at least two things that can unite them all as women and the rest they can fight over at least there will be possibility of saying that at one point women can all sit and say we are going to advocate for this particular thing but because of the current political context we don’t have that in place. We hope that after election we can all sit down as women and come up with an agenda at least one or two agenda – fighting for the Women’s rights,” Christine Kide said.

As the world is preparing to commemorate the international women’s day on 8th. March, this year the Global theme for the celebration is “women in leadership achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”

The day which is dedicated to celebrates the tremendous efforts by women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and highlights the gaps that remain.

The Editor-In-Chief of Juba Monitor Newspaper Anna Nimiriano Nunu said even if some cultures still undermine women leaders, they should work hard to liberate themselves from such cultures.

“Some cultures do not respect women. Even if you are holding a high position in government, you are just being ignored that, ah! That is a woman,” Anna Nimiriano said.

“If they struggle, they will hold the position. I am sure you know the solidarity is like that of men. If women stand firm, I am you, they will win and this is my message to them. Let them stand firm, it is not too late,” Anna Nimiriano added.

She urged women politicians to prepare early in order to attract support.

“Even for the elections, let them not start late. Let them start the campaign early and the campaign should start from the hardwork. Let them work hard. You know when you hard, that is when people say oh! You know she is working hard,” she explained.

Acting News Editor for Juba Monitor Newspaper Nema Juma said most women are educated so their place is not in the kitchen.

“Women should be supported. Women should be given chance. Women should not be taken like in the past because most of the women are educated.  We just need to support them. Let’s not leave women in the kitchen,” Nema Juma said.

Nema Juma appealed to women leaders to act as role models in order to promote other women to imitate them.

“They should give good example to those who are still in lower positions by encouraging them and by supporting them as well. They have to train them leadership skills,” she said.

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