Women Appeal for Position of Speaker in National Parliament

By Sworo Charles Elisha

South Sudanese Women Politicians are appealing for the position of National Legislative Speaker as they have not been fully represented in the reconstitution in the ten (10) state governments.

Speaking on the Sunrise Program on Sama FM 3rd. of March 2021, Hon. Fozia Margaret Emmanuel said now that 35 percent affirmative action provided for in the Revitalized Agreement has not been implemented in the state appointments, the speaker, deputy speakers and chairpersons for specialized committees should be occupied by women.

“The National Parliament, the Council of States, other commissions for example the Commission for Truth, Healing and Reconciliation and the Reconstruction Commission should be given to women,” Hon. Fozia said.

Hon. Fozia Margaret Emmanuel said at least the speakership on the parliament be given to a woman and even the deputies.

“Let a woman take the leadership of the Parliament, even the chairpersons and deputies. Like now that the 35 percent has not been fulfilled. At least in the Parliament, let the 35 percent be fulfilled. Let the Speaker be a woman. Let the men also try to sit and watch us. Fozia Margaret Emmanuel said.

Hon. Dusman Joyce James also echoed that full implementation of 35 percent affirmative action had not been fulfilled in the state appointments.

“In those remaining positions, at least let the women receive 35 percent and I think the National Parliament should be given to a woman. That position should go to a woman. Even the second deputy or the third deputy should be a woman,” Hon. Dusman Joyce James emphasised.

Hon. Dusman said women politicians had already submitted names for the position of National Legislative Speaker.

“As we are talking now, we have sent names for the speakership of the Parliament that this time the Speaker should be a woman and the names are taken. We also told the other parties to table their names,” she said.

Joyce stressed that leadership of Transitional National National Legislative Assembly should go to women.

“The chairpersons of the specialized committees should be given to women and deputies should be women. Let the men also try to be ordinary members in the Parliament or members of the committees becuase if we have to implement this peace agreement, we must implement every bit of it. It is not only the fight with guns but also the cry for marginalization,” she said.

She said women would continue to lobby for full representation even in the 65 percent quota.

“We will not really shy away that the parties are not adhering to our call when we are shouting. But we will continue asking for our rights as women especially in the commissions. If the leadership has really led us down from the appointments which have been done now, but in the commissions, we need to see to it that really the 35 percent is fulfilled,” Hon. Dusman Joyce James stressed.

“But also we as women, we will not stick to the 35 percent only. The 65 percent we also have the right to go and get some share because the 35 percent is the right of women during the struggle. A mother or woman is the most affected person all over the world,” Hon. Dusman Joyce said.

The Deputy Coordinator for Women’s Monthly Forum Miss Veronica Lucy Gordon said there should be respect for women’s rights in order to see full implementation of the 35 percent affirmative action provided for in the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan.

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